Do you dream of Italy?

Every traveler who has ever dreamed of going to Italy has a movie in their mind of just what that trip would look like. Custom Italy Tours is a professional travel agency (About Us) designed to provide travelers with an Italy experience that is tailored specifically for them, and with some limitations, devoted to helping them to realize their dream. Our services are available for individuals, families, and groups.

Creating a Custom Tour

936 enroute to Cefalu 11-3 - Copy

How do we begin? Typically, we start with the basic information:

  • How many passengers?
  • Location of closest departure airport?
  • When would you like to travel? (Good idea to book well in advance.)
  • How much time would you like to spend in Italy?
  • Any dream destinations? Cities or countryside? Mountains? Beaches?
  • Do you love art? Or would you like to explore your roots?

See our list of posts “Exploring Possibilities” in the right margin of this page. You may call us at 419-784-1300. A real person will answer! Or fill out the contact form below and click “Submit.”