The Villages of Italy

The Towers of San Gimignano

The Towers of San Gimignano

Lovely, charming villages can be found all over the Italian countryside, whether on the boot or the island of Sicily, or in the unique Sardinia. While the cities are exciting and filled with art and music, the villages seem virtually untouched by time and there is a special delight in sitting at a cafe in a little piazza and watching the beautiful Italian people about their daily lives. Huffpost recently published a blog on their pick of the top 10 villages to visit: 10 Italian Villages for a Perfect Summer Escape

The photos in this blog are stunning! As you are planning your own great Italian journey, consider including at least one of these villages. Custom Italy Tours can help you to design the trip of your dreams. We like the idea of interactive travel planning, so we work with our clients throughout the process to discover what their desires and preferences, where they want to go, what they wish to do, and what special sites they would like to visit. We also provide a complete itinerary, with maps and helpful information for each locale. If you like, we can arrange travel within Italy, museum visits, guides, a car and driver. Our goal is to tailor the trip to the travelers.

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About Custom Italy Tours

We Love Italy! My husband Larry and I, assisted by our family, operate Travel All Over, a full-service travel agency, as well as Custom Italy Tours which is focused on providing fully customized tours of Italy for individuals, families, and groups. I'm the Italian (born Geromina Ferrara), and Larry is the Italian wanna-be. We are both Italy Specialists and Larry is a CTC (Certified Travel Counselor).
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