Exploring Possibilities–Venice


Continuing with our theme of Creating a Custom Tour, we explore Venice, one of the three most popular Italian cities. The beauty of a custom tour is the opportunity to see Venice, and then select other destinations that are delightful, but perhaps less well-known.

Rialto Bridge at night

A gondola ride on the Grand Canal is a lovely way to see the famous Rialto Bridge, but a nice stroll can also become an exploration of little nooks and shops along the way.

One of the largest churches in Venice, Santa Maria della Salute creates an imposing presence along the canal. In addition to the beauty of its baroque architecture, this minor basilica is home to several works by Titian.


Piazza San Marco (photo Ingo Mehling)

Piazza San Marco (Saint Mark’s Square) is possibly the most exciting place in Venice. Napoleon is said to have called it “the drawing room of Europe.” The square is anchored by the majestic 12th century Basilica of Saint Mark, as spectacular on the inside as on the outside. Strolling around the piazza gives one the sense of being at the crossroads of history. During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, the Republic of Venice was a major commercial hub as well as a significant sea power. The Venice of today is known for fashion, Murano glass, and a home to great art and architecture. (The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is a unique treasure.)

Venice is more than canals and gondolas. Explore the winding streets of “La Serenissima” and discover her magic.

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About Custom Italy Tours

We Love Italy! My husband Larry and I, assisted by our family, operate Travel All Over, a full-service travel agency, as well as Custom Italy Tours which is focused on providing fully customized tours of Italy for individuals, families, and groups. I'm the Italian (born Geromina Ferrara), and Larry is the Italian wanna-be. We are both Italy Specialists and Larry is a CTC (Certified Travel Counselor).
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