Exploring Possibilities–Orvieto


Continuing with our theme of Creating a Custom Tour, we explore Orvieto, a delightful hilltop town conveniently located between the major cities of Rome and Florence. The traveler can visit for a few hours, or spend a night or two. There is plenty to see and do!

Orvieto Cathedral

Orvieto Cathedral

Bronze Doors by Emilio Greco

Bronze Doors by
Emilio Greco

The magnificent 14th century cathedral alone is worth the visit. The faςade is adorned with bas relief biblical scenes,  a lovely rose window, 16th century statues and golden mosaics. The striking bronze doors were created by Sicilian sculptor Emilio Greco in the 1960s, a modern touch that does not seem at all out of place. The romanesque nave includes frescoes by Fra Angelico and others, portraits of famous poets, stained glass, beautiful chapels, and other treasures. Nearby museums include one that houses works that formerly resided in the cathedral (Duomo for Italians), an archaeological museum, and the Museo Emilio Greco.

Underground Orvieto! Houses and shops in the town have basements or caves that were used over the centuries as storerooms or workshops. And yes, a tour of the underground is available to visitors. And you might also want to see the Pozzo di San Patrizio, a well created for the Popes who were frequent residents of this town.

And while you’re in Orvieto, sample some of the lovely wine produced in this region. Our family enjoys Orvieto Classico.

Orvieto Underground Photo by Alberto Ferrari Creative Commons License 2.0. Some rights reserved.)

Orvieto Underground
Photo by Alberto Ferrari
Creative Commons License 2.0. Some rights reserved.)

Pozzo di San Patrizio

Pozzo di San Patrizio

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