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Amalfi Coast17

Jerri Courtney Italy Specialist


Larry L. Courtney, CTC Certified Italy Specialist

Larry and I, assisted by our family, operate Travel All Over, a full-service travel agency, as well as Custom Italy Tours which is designed to provide fully customized tours of Italy for individuals, families, and groups. As an Italian immigrant’s daughter, I grew up longing to see the home country. Finally, with my father and spouse, I traveled there in 1990. We have been in love with Italy ever since. We love the people, the pine-covered hills, the ancient cobblestone streets, the spectacular art, the incomparable taste of fresh fruits and vegetables, the indulgence of creamy gelato, but most of all, we love sharing it with others. So, over the years we have taken several groups, large and small, to this colorful land. On this site you will find blog entries full of travel memories, as well as destination possibilities for your own Custom Tour. Follow us on Facebook (click here). Call us 800.498.8915.


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